ILG Food Group offers the range of beers and pilsners below, a range that is both varied and international. Alongside well-known Dutch brands such as Heineken and Bavaria, ILG also supplies beers and pilsners from a range of other countries. As well as Dutch beer brands, ILG Food also supplies Turkish and Greek beers. The distributor of the world's best flavours, providing a wide range for your customer!


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  1. Birra Moretti
    Authentical italian beer
    24x330 ml
    Birra Moretti - link to product page

  2. Peroni
    Nastro Azzurro, Italian beer
    24x330 ml
    Peroni - link to product page

  3. Mythos
    Greek beer
    24x330 ml
    Mythos - link to product page

  4. Asahi
    Japanese Super Dry Beer
    24x330 ml
    Asahi - link to product page

  5. Tsingtao
    Chinese beer
    24x330 ml
    Tsingtao - link to product page

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