Buy frozen vegetables at great prices from ILG Food Group. With tasty A-brands such as Bonduelle and Oerlemans, wholesalers can offer their customers the freshest vegetables. From green beans and onions to handy vegetable mixtures, ILG supplies frozen food of the very best quality. The best flavours for the best prices. We buy in bulk so that you always get the best price. ILG is the leading importer of food and non-food for the wholesale market.


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  1. Boletus
    4-8cm, whole, frozen
    1 kg
    Boletus - link to product page

  2. Chanterelles
    Blanched chantarelles
    1 kg
    Chanterelles - link to product page

  3. Spinach, leaves
    Divided in portions, frozen
    2,5 kg
    Spinach, leaves - link to product page

  4. French beans
    Up to 8mm long, whole, deep-frozen product
    2,5 kg
    French beans - link to product page

  5. Corncobs
    15Cm, sweet, deep-frozen
    2 piece
    Corncobs  - link to product page

  6. Peas-carrot mix
    Mixed, deep-frozen product
    2,5 kg
    Peas-carrot mix - link to product page

  7. Broccoli mix
    Mixed vegetables, deep-frozen product
    2,5 kg
    Broccoli mix - link to product page

  8. Euromix
    Mixed vegetables, deep-frozen product
    2,5 kg
    Euromix - link to product page

  9. Onion rings
    3-5mm cut, frozen
    2,5 kg
    Onion rings - link to product page

  10. Ratatouille
    Courgette, tomatoe, pepper, onion, frozen
    2,5 kg
    Ratatouille - link to product page

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