Order top quality meat for your wholesale business from ILG Food Group; we offer a wide range of quality meat in various packing units and volumes for the catering sector. From skewers to chops, steak to halal meat! ILG also supplies burgers and kebab meat. ILG supplies frozen meat products in small packs so that they are manageable for your customer, are easy to defrost and can be stored easily in (small) refrigerators.


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  1. Tenderloin
    New Zealand, 4/5, without chain, halal, deep-frozen
    Ca. 2 kg
    Tenderloin - link to product page

  2. Pig rib fillet
    Boneless, frozen
    Ca. 3,5 kg
    Pig rib fillet - link to product page

  3. Lamb Frenched Rack
    75mm 8/ribs, halal, frozen
    Ca. 950 g
    Lamb Frenched Rack - link to product page

  4. Leg of lamb
    Boneless, frozen
    Ca. 1,8 kg
    Leg of lamb - link to product page

  5. Lamb haunch, rear leg
    No hoof, deep-frozen product
    Ca 1,6 kg
    Lamb haunch, rear leg - link to product page

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