Frozen Products

ILG Food Group has a wide assortment of refrigerated products for the food service sector. Our dairy and meat products are always fresh, and we're a top cheese supplier, from foil cheese and grated cheese to authentic Grana Padano, mozzarella and Greek feta. Our assortment of meat products is also diverse, from pre-sliced salami to artisan Serrano ham.

Frozen Products

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  1. Tenderloin
    New Zealand, 4/5, without chain, deep-frozen
    Ca. 2 kg
    Tenderloin - link to product page

  2. Pig rib fillet
    Boneless, frozen
    Ca. 3,5 kg
    Pig rib fillet - link to product page

  3. Lamb Frenched Rack
    75mm 8/ribs, frozen
    Ca. 950 g
    Lamb Frenched Rack - link to product page

  4. Leg of lamb
    Boneless, frozen
    Ca. 1,8 kg
    Leg of lamb - link to product page

  5. Lamb haunch, rear leg
    No hoof, deep-frozen product
    Ca 1,6 kg
    Lamb haunch, rear leg - link to product page

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