Below, you can find a wide range of liqueurs. ILG Food Group represents a range of A-brands and, of course, a wide range of flavours. Traditionally made products from Spanish Liqor 43 with its 'secret' ingredients, Italian mint liqueur or Limoncello to more traditional liqueurs such as Drambuie, Amaretto and Cointreau. Flügel, Underberger and other herbal liqueurs are also available in handy, smaller bottles.


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  1. Drambuie
    Liqueur with Scottish whisky flavor
    0,7 L
    Drambuie - link to product page

  2. Amaro
    Italian herbs liqueur
    0,7 L
    Amaro - link to product page

  3. Passoa
    Passion fruit liqueur
    1 L
    Passoa - link to product page

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